About Us


The Signatory Unions have agreed the following key objectives:

  • To form an alliance uniting all NORWEGIAN pilots;
  • To establish secure, direct permanent employment under harmonised collective labour agreements (CLAs);
  • To promote equal career opportunities through a common and transparent seniority system;
  • To facilitate the effective collective representation for all NORWEGIAN pilots regardless of country or base;

Working Together

The Signatory Unions have further agreed to establish a joint working group, consisting of Representatives from each pilot association, to:

  • Produce a detailed agreement formalizing the establishment of the Norwegian Pilot Group;
  • Continue sharing knowledge and information relating to NORWEGIAN;
  • Develop a common strategy for organizing NORWEGIAN pilots and protecting their shared professional interests based on the key objectives set out above;
  • Avoid any action that could adversely affect the bargaining position of the Signatory Unions, both individually and collectively.

The Signatory Unions believe that cooperation and unity of purpose are essential to protect our collective professional interests in NORWEGIAN and are committed to working together to achieve the objectives set out in this Agreement.