What is the
Norwegian Pilot Group

The Norwegian Pilot Group (NPG) is the umbrella organisation that comprises the various pilot associations representing the pilots flying for Norwegian. Its core value is unity, while professionalism and meritocracy are pillars of the organisation.

The aim of NPG is to speak with one voice to facilitate an efficient collective representation of all pilots in all transitional issues. The member associations are responsible for local issues while the NPG maintains a transnational coordination role being a reliable and effective partner for the Company.

The NPG is composed by the Norwegian Pilot Union (NPU - Norway, Sweden and Denmark), the Norwegian Pilot Union Finland (NPUF - Finland), the British Air Line Pilots' Association (BALPA - UK), Sindicato Español de Pilotos de Líneas Aéreas (SEPLA - Spain), Associazione Nazionale Professionale Aviazione Commerciale (ANPAC - Italy) and FPU (Denmark).

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